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– Dan Cockerell

I met Alex when we spoke at the same conference. I was immediately drawn to him, and so will your audience. Alex is not only a fantastic speaker and storyteller, but he is also an all-around great individual who is now applying his vital mindset as an up-and-coming entrepreneur

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– Terry Bendera President Indutech Canada Ltd

“I have had the luxury in life to have the benefit of being around people who excel. The common denominator is that they understand sacrifice , hard work, focus , grit and are willing to do what most won’t. Alex has all these qualities and the ability to stay common. His ability to relate left everyone with a sense that he was talking to them individually. Even though he has a high level of education, he tells the story to the common man and has you believing in yourself and your business.
Its my feeling that most speakers can find a thread that will touch someone however its lost in a couple of days. Having Alex speak to your group will leave an impact that will last.”

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– Jason Nacey Athlete Program Director and Partnerships

“Alex Kopacz is a remarkable public speaker with an inspirational story that captures the attention of any audience. As an Olympic gold medalist, he has a unique perspective on the importance of perseverance and hard work in achieving success. I have had the pleasure of working with Alex on multiple occasions and I must say, he is absolutely amazing to work with.”

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