From Athlete to Speaker and Entrepreneur: Tips for Transitioning into a New Career

Hey there, readers! Alex Kopacz here, excited to delve into a topic that hits close to home: transitioning from one career to another. As a former athlete turned successful keynote speaker and entrepreneur, I understand the challenges and rewards that come with making a career change. In this blog, I’ll share my personal journey, along with practical tips to help you navigate your own transition and make a successful leap into a new career. Let’s get started!

Reflect on Transferable Skills and Experiences:

When transitioning careers, it’s important to reflect on the skills and experiences you’ve gained in your previous role. With a degree in mechanical engineering and a completed physics major, I possessed a strong foundation in problem-solving, analytical thinking, and attention to detail. These skills provided a solid base for my transition into new fields. Take the time to identify your own transferable skills and consider how they can be leveraged in your new career path.

Invest in Continued Education:

To support my entrepreneurial endeavours and drive research for innovative products at Step Sciences, I decided to pursue a master’s degree in medical biophysics in 2022. Continual learning and education are crucial when transitioning careers. Consider pursuing additional certifications, courses, or degrees related to your new career path. This investment in yourself will not only enhance your knowledge and skills but also demonstrate your commitment and dedication to your chosen field.

Leverage Business Knowledge and Certifications:

Alex at Simplicity Car Care Event

In addition to my technical background, I obtained a business certificate from the Smith School of Business. Combining my engineering expertise with business knowledge gave me a competitive edge in entrepreneurship. If your new career path involves aspects of business, consider acquiring relevant certifications or taking business courses to expand your understanding of marketing, finance, and management. This combination of technical and business skills will set you apart in your new career.

Embrace the Start-up Mindset:

Alex and Matt, business partners

Before making the leap into entrepreneurship, I gained valuable experience working for start-ups. These experiences taught me to embrace the start-up mindset, which involves being agile, innovative, and adaptable. Working in start-ups exposed me to various roles and responsibilities, allowing me to develop a diverse skill set. If you’re considering entrepreneurship, working for start-ups can provide invaluable experience and help you understand the dynamics of building and scaling a business.

Overcoming Challenges - Navigating the COVID-19 Landscape:

One of the toughest challenges Step Sciences faced was launching just one month before the COVID-19 lockdowns. We fought through two difficult years of the pandemic, demonstrating resilience, adaptability, and determination. When transitioning careers, it’s important to be prepared for unexpected obstacles. Embrace challenges as opportunities for growth, seek innovative solutions, and maintain a positive mindset. The ability to navigate challenging situations will be essential in your new career path.


As we wrap up this blog, I hope you feel inspired and equipped to embark on your own career transition. Reflect on your transferable skills, invest in continued education, leverage business knowledge and certifications, embrace the start-up mindset, and be prepared to overcome challenges. Remember, a successful career transition requires courage, adaptability, and an entrepreneurial spirit. Embrace the opportunities that come your way, stay committed to your growth, and create a fulfilling and successful career in your new field. Best of luck on your exciting journey of transition and transformation!

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